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Coffee Wanted

I wanted coffee and coffee is what I got, but not just any coffee, some of the finest I have ever tasted.

The event took place on Adelaide Street in some very smart design offices that were more than fitting for the suave, sophisticated Wanted brand.

The evening was opened by the charming Wanted staff who took us through a brief history and ethos of the Wanted brand. It was hugely interesting and here I am passing on the knowledge I gained to you. If you’re not familiar with Wanted, it’s  a premium coffee subscription service. Every month they line up different coffees for connoisseurs to sample and fall in love with…

Once we were taken through the history and an overview of the service/product we got to try the coffee. We were taken on a trip around the world beginning with Sumatran, this was a smooth blend that you could have drank all day. In contrast the Ethiopian beans were sharp and zesty and again the Colombian beans had a completely different aroma, more on the bitter side. I like to think I know a wee bit about coffee but after the demonstration from Wanted’s expert Paul I’ve had to rethink my own status…

I couldn’t believe the range of coffees I tried and if that sample was anything to go by then I can’t help to be excited about what coffee comes in the post…

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