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You should Go to YüGo

Having seen photos of YuGo we were keen on giving it a go. So we decided to head down on a Friday evening (9th December), obviously with it being a Friday we thought we better book so I dropped YuGo a message to see if we could get a table for two. Something to note is that at the minute they don't offer a booking service, walk ins only. But they guarantee you won't be waiting too long. 

With that all sorted we arrived at about 7:30pm and to our delight we were shown to a vacant table. The decor is incredible, it has all the trappings of a typical Asian restaurant but with a modern minimal twist, hanging authentic lampshades dominate the entrance creating a welcoming ambiance. The seating arrangement is great, making great use of the small space and giving the option to sit along the bar. I say bar but this is actually a window in to an open plan kitchen. Seeing the chefs cooking is an experience in itself and I think this is a fantastic idea.

Once we were seated we were approached by the friendliest of staff (they all seemed to be super chipper and well drilled), she explained the menu which is broken down in to 'smalls, 'bigs' and 'desserts'. After reading the menu and hearing the specials we decided to go for Pork Dumplings & Bao Bun followed by Belfast Curry and a special that wasn't on the menu but was described as an Asian KFC (See the pics). We were advised that the food would come as it was ready which wasn't a problem for us.

When the food came we couldn't have been more impressed. The dumplings were some of the best I've ever had, I wish they came in a 'big'. My main was an absolute masterpiece. 3 huge bits of chicken (2 wings and 1 breast) that had been breaded and lightly spiced in asian salt and chilli. They came with a gravy that will blow your mind - it was like the KFC kind with an asian kick - I can't describe just how amazing it was, I was fully tempted to pour it in to my pint glass and just drink it straight.

The biggest compliment I can give YuGo is that you don't feel like you're dining in Belfast - This is Michelin star restaurant food without the pomp and ceremony but with the incredible style and service!

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